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The Smart Bar was created by virtue of an idea to assist a Bartender working in a temporary set up bar in a large social event to produce drinks at an efficient rate while creating the perfect drink each and every time.

The inventor, William Metropulos, while working as a DJ for weddings, was always set up next to the “dumb bars” where the bartender would complain non-stop about the long lines, didn’t have the right bottles, and didn’t know how to make the drink, ect….

William always thought someday there would have to be a way to pour a perfect drink at the touch of a button with the speed to handle any crowd. Fast forward 20 years, William reached out to Tim Knecht a software/programming engineer and the two set out to produce the first ever automatic portable bar.

With so many channels for the Smart Bar to be placed in, the company looks forward to reaching its full potential and become a household name in the hospitality industry..

Original Smart Bar concept :

smartender concept