Smart Bar USA management - Smart Bar USA
session setup

  • The Smartender’s on screen programming will afford your management team a wide array of functionality and controls
  • Management can program the Smartender to pour a specific number of drinks or a pre-determined dollar amount at which point the machine will shut down
  • Pre-set drink parameters provide ease of use and peace of mind for both venue and guest, perfect for weddings, parties and special events
  • Change empty liquor bottles in seconds, machine runs on a “Quick Connect System”
  • Smartender technology makes it simple to customize your liquor drawer to meet your guests ever changing needs
  • Add or delete drinks using the Smartender Drink Editor

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session report

  • Management can access data from any party or function from the Smartender
  • The on-site POS will allow your venue to print out any report to show a complete accounting of both drinks served and revenue generated
  • Access the USB port in the back of the machine to download the data
  • Track inventory and revenue generated as each drink poured is itemized and accounted for
  • The software will also document the time when the event started and finished as well as which employees were working

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pour settings & pricing

  • Adjust your drink pricing to match the specific event, function or party. Want to run a “Happy Hour” or special promotion, changing the drink cost to accommodate any event is quick and easy
  • Adjust the shot size per drink by 1/4 oz increments on single liquor pours or shots. Quality control at it finest
  • Adjust your mixer pour to accommodate different glass sizes

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lock out

  • The Smartender can be programmed to shut down or offer only non-alcoholic beverage choices
  • Prevent under-age access and restrict unauthorized use

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custom screens

  • Smartender screens can be easily customized to personalize any event or occasion
  • Program your screen to include advertisements to promote other events within your venue

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