Smart Bar USA modular smartender - Smart Bar USA

modular smartender

Modular Head

  • Patented dispenser technology eliminates cross-contamination by pouring each liquor independently
  • ETL and NSF compliant
  • Compatible with industry leading POS systems


  • Connects to your existing pump room or available with a 16-liquor drawer
  • Computer tracking alerts you when a bottle is empty
  • Connects to city water
  • Connects to your existing mixer bay
  • Connects to existing Bag-In-Box or optional rack for BIB storage
  • Connects to your existing CO2 system

Card Reader

  • Will recognize employee/server cards and track their pours, increasing employee accountability
  • Will read a room key, track a player card or recognize a membership card


  • 3 Tray Garnish Bin – located above ice for easy access and optimal freshness
  • 15 lb. Insulated Ice Bin – keeps ice cold for 24 hours
  • Rotating Base Assembly – allows access to back of unit for ease of service
  • Dust Cover