Smart Bar USA software - Smart Bar USA
drink categories

  • Our software makes it easy and fun to find the right drink from a wide array of options
  • Chose from Most Popular, Recently Poured, Martinis, Tropical Drinks and more
  • Looking for a new favorite drink? Simply touch the “Pick Liquor/Mixer” button, type in your liquor choice and a desired mixer and allow the Smartender to search it’s 600 drink data base to find you your new “go to” cocktail.
  • With hundreds of drinks to choose from, finding your favorite new cocktail is half the fun!
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drink search

  • Finding your desired drink choice is simple, either select by drink category or search alphabetically

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drink selection

  • With 10 different drink icons to choose from, finding your perfect drink is quick and easy
  • Unsure of what’s in a cocktail? Simply press the Smartender Icon and a full ingredient list will appear
  • After choosing your beverage you can either pour your drink or add it to your drink order
  • Once you have chosen your beverage, you can save this drink as a “favorite” for immediate access in case the same drink is selected again

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drink pour

  • after choosing your beverage you can either pour your drink or add it to your drink order
  • on single liquor pours ( like a vodka/tonic) or shots, you have the ability to make it a “double”
  • easily add or delete beverages from your drink order
  • Customize your drink with our splash feature, add an extra mix whenever you desire
  • prompts are given for possible garnishes as well

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custom screens

  • Smartender screens can be easily customized to personalize any event or occasion
  • Program your screen to include advertising spots or commercials to promote other events within a given venue or to generate advertising revenue

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